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Shield yourself from negative energy
by Derryck Strachan
Negative energy is a part of life, but when left unchecked, it can affect our health, relationships, careers—just about every aspect of our lives. In order to deal with negative energy effectively, we must  consider where it comes from and how to shield ourselves.

Sources of negative energy

1) Negative internal emotions

The most powerful sources of negativity are within one’s self. Emotions such as fear, insecurity and jealousy can stem from deep in your own past, or from current events in your life. All other sources of negative energy feed off the energies within your own psyche, so it is essential to turn inward first.

2) Friends and colleagues

Some friends increase our sense of wellbeing. Others leave us feeling drained. By spending more time with people who empower us, we can maintain balance. Colleagues can be more problematic, as they cannot always be chosen. It may be necessary to confront them, move to different part of the workplace, or in extreme cases, take a job elsewhere.

3) Romantic partners

The people who affect us most are those we hold dear. Problems can arise from negative actions, such as cheating and abuse, or simply from bad chemistry. Astrological and psychic readings can often reveal where the trouble lies.

4) Environmental surroundings

In addition to people, the surrounding environment plays a key role in our spiritual health. For example, harsh colours and images can arouse negative vibrations, while natural decor such as plants and flowers create a sense of peace.

5) Negative media

In the digital age, we are bombarded by negativity. The bright side is that we have a choice. Carefully choosing which media to consume is a powerful way to root out unhealthy vibes.

6) Food & Chemicals

‘You are what you eat’ may be a clich, but it’s true. Junk food can affect spiritual balance. Alcohol, tobacco and other drugs can drag on us, especially when used in excess.

Energetic Shields

1) Meditation

A daily meditative regime can help you to gain better control of your mind and emotions, allowing you to prune negative thoughts and accentuate the positive.

2) Feng Shui

This ancient Chinese practice places importance on the arrangement of physical objects in a room. It suggests that certain arrangements trap negative energy, while others allow flow and balance.

3) Love compatibility

By finding a partner whose star signs compliment your own, you greatly increase the amount of positive energy in both of your lives. Psychic and astrological readings can be of great use here.

4) Positive mantras

Repeating positive affirmations throughout your day brings harmony and balance to your psyche. It also has the effect of drowning out negative emotions and thoughts. Mantras can be as simple as saying “I love you” to your reflection in the mirror, or as complex as Sanskrit formulas used for specific energetic purposes.

5) Power objects

Natural power objects, such as quartz crystals and other precious stones, can help attune you to higher vibrations and keep negative enegies from sticking to you.  These objects can be worn, kept near you, or used in more disciplined ways.

6) Smudging & sound

Smudging is a powerful way to cleanse negativity from the physical and energetic body. Incense, sage wands, and essential oils can all work as tools for smudging. Bells and singing bowls can achieve a similar effect.

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