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Are You Spiritually Intimate?
by Kes Cross
Life can take its toll on any relationship. Stress, financial worries and the pressures of bringing up children can all conspire to drive a wedge between even the happiest of couples. The first signs of problems can manifest themselves in the bedroom—one partner may be too tired for intimacy, or partners may find that they are not going to bed at the time, and may even be avoiding intimate contact. Once a rut like this has begun, it is very important to climb out o it. In order to do so, it must be understood that a lack of intimacy is merely a physical symptom of distress on a higher, spiritual level.

In our world, great importance is attached to intimacy. It makes us feel wanted and needed and is a great release for all the stresses and tensions of the day. But it could be that too much importance is placed on the physical side of a relationship. Withdrawal of intimacy is a sign that partners are becoming spiritually isolated, and this is more difficult to heal.

With any problem, there are two options—fight it or surrender to it. Being pro-active is a more difficult path to be sure, but it is the only one that gives a couple any chance of recovery.

Spiritual isolation is more common than you might first think. With so much of our daily lives now revolving around computers and technology, it is all too easy to withdraw from human contact. The television replaces conversation, the Internet replaces the need for a social life, and before they know it, couples can find themselves living separate lives under the same roof.

In order to establish contact on a spiritual level, both parties must set aside their physical desires and concentrate on rebuilding the ethereal bond that drew them together in the first place. While this may sound complicated, it can be achieved in simple ways, such as talking about the problems that have arisen. During these discussions, it is important that each party has the opportunity to hear and be heard. Through the simple act of talking, the couple might come to realise that they are not as isolated as they first felt.

In addition, it is worth taking some time away from computers and technology, because while these things can make our lives easier, they can also intrude upon them. Couples that set aside time for each other, away from the distractions of life, are far more likely to achieve a balanced relationship, both physically and spiritually. This needn`t involve expensive restaurants or nights on the town (although such things usually don`t hurt!). More can be achieved by simply taking a walk together in tranquil surroundings.

Sexual intimacy is a major factor of any relationship, but it is only a physical way of expressing higher feelings. Spiritual intimacy is often referred to as ‘the forgotten intimacy.` Sometimes it`s easy to forget that there are other aspects to a person than just their bodily form. Were we to pay as much attention to seeking spiritual forms of intimacy as we do physical forms, we might see more marriages standing the test of time.

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