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by Derryck Strachan
Beneath the comedy of Hank’s surreal misadventures, the show broadcasts a deeper, more spiritual message.

The central character is Hank (David Duchovny.), a troubled writer suffering from writer’s block, and beset with personal demons. Despite being a father and having a girlfriend, he seems unable to refuse a drink or the advances of an attractive woman, and blames his creative drought on his hedonistic past. In addition, he is trying to portray himself as a responsible parent and boyfriend, which leads him into difficult – and often hilarious – situations.

Most of us are not writers and have no idea what it feels like to have writer’s block. In addition, most of us have left our irresponsible ways behind us and prefer to lead uncomplicated lives. How on earth are we to identify with this character and his problems? The answer comes when we do not take Californication at face value, but see it as symbolic portrayal of the spiritual struggle that we all endure every day – often without knowing it.

Hank’s unwritten novel represents the unfulfilled potential in all of us - in particular, the psychic potential we all have and, unconsciously or otherwise, want to be able to use. To unlock your psychic potential is to create a piece of the divine here on Earth, to build a spiritual bridge between yourself and the higher psychic planes. In order to do this we must transcend the minutiae of our physical existence and nurture our psychic abilities. Although too few of us do this, the numbers appear to be growing. More and more people are embracing alternative practices such as meditation, which many use to deepen their psychic talents.

Hank’s demons represent the things that prevent us from reaching our full potential. On one level, they are easy to spot. They are day to day concerns and problems that prevent us from taking the time to attune to our own abilities. However, on another level they are not so easy to identify, because Hank’s problems also represent the blocks that we devise against ourselves. It is these blocks that hamper our psychic development the most. Hank’s problems are not the fault of the women who are attracted to him or the people who buy him drinks. They are his own faults. It is Hank’s inability to recognize and address his own weaknesses that puts him in sticky situations.

In order to achieve spiritual development, we have to acknowledge and admit every aspect of our psyches, both good and bad. While daily affirmations of the good aspects of your being are positive and empowering, time must also be spent examining the negative aspects of your psychic signature, such as fear, hate and jealousy. Rather than reprimanding yourself for having these aspects to your character, it is far better to go on a personal journey of self-understanding. Once you understand why these traits are part of your spiritual identity, it becomes far easier to unravel them and make them into positive realizations.

Many of Hank’s feelings are translated into dream sequences. Listening to your dreams is an important part of maintaining your psychic health. Dreams not only help clear the daily clutter from our minds, but they also give us a good idea of how we are feeling. Your subconscious may present you with an apparently unconnected series of images. But the manner in which they are presented can tell you a lot about your psychic well being. It is often worth taking the time to note down dreams in a dream diary to see if there are any recurring themes. With these as your aid, you will be on a clearer route to understand and heal any psychic scars that you may have forgotten about or chosen to ignore.

On many levels, Californication represents the battle that we all fight to maintain our psychic health and fulfill our potential. We are all beset with problems, some of our own making and others that life simply throws at us. Californication shows us that it is how we deal with these problems that has the greatest effect on us. If, like Hank, we choose to ignore them and indulge the weaker aspects of our character, our psychic potential will always be limited. If, however, we choose to rise above the problems around us and develop our spiritual health, then the psychic rewards will be more than we could hope for.

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