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Sex and the City
by Kirsten Cross
Sex And The City follows the personal lives of four women, each of whom are starkly different from the others. The key to the show’s success is that viewers relate to the characters and situations depicted. While some of the scenarios are hard to believe, the legions of fans only suggest that Sex and The City is communicating potent messages to its audience. But what are they, and how can they be applied to real life?

Interestingly, the idea for the show was born out of a column in the New York Journal. The writer, Candace Bushnell, created the persona of Carrie Bradshaw to detail how women really think. As the column grew in popularity, the characters of Miranda Hobbes, Charlotte York and Samantha Jones joined Carrie as the central characters. Each of these fictional women has their own character traits,  and these were realized through the television show.

Given that the characters were created by Candace Bushnell, it’s possible to identify each character  as  a spiritual aspect of one woman. Perhaps this is why the show seems to speak to so many viewers; within each of the characters, they recognize an aspect of themselves, whether that aspect is positive or negative. However, further study suggests that all the women in Sex And The City are concerned with trying to attain different aspects of one spiritual ideal.

Carrie narrates each episode, and she is easy to identify with - an open-minded woman with great generosity of spirit. Her main drive is to achieve love, whilst having fun in the process.  She also experiences loneliness as a consequence of her independence. Samantha is most sexually confident of the four, and the most dismissive of the notion of love. She prefers to engage in a series of one-night stands. Charlotte, by comparison, is less sexually inclined, preferring to indulge in worlds of romantic fantasy. Miranda is the cynic of the group; a single mother who has been betrayed and will not easily forget it.

The underlying theme for all these characters is love, and the many aspects of love. It is true that spiritual love is the most nurturing of all forms,  nourishing us on a psychic level and charting the path towards inner freedom. But in order to attain spiritual love, we must be prepared to accept another being entirely, and learn to become vulnerable in their presence. All the characters in the show explore different avenues to attain self-fulfillment, and must sacrifice parts of their inner being along the way. For each of the four women, the path towards spiritual love is a different one. Carrie realizes that she will find happiness with someone who has been in her life for a long time. Samantha’s perspective on love is changed when she beats cancer. Charlotte finally becomes pregnant after believing herself to be infertile, and Miranda has to decide whether or not to forgive her cheating husband.

Many viewers will be able to identify with these situations. However, if the show transmits one overall message it is that physical love is not enough:  A deep spiritual love is the true goal of every woman. Ultimately, none of the four characters are satisfied by sex alone; it is a far deeper experience on a higher plane that allows them to achieve self-love, perhaps the most important love of all.

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