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Psychic Independence Day
by Barney Battles
Independence Day not only marks America’s separation from British rule - it also acts as a landmark in psychic achievement. Without the spiritual activity that was taking place at the time, American colonists may not have had the strength to achieve independence.

Spiritual Oppression

18th Century British rule was oppressive. Tax upon tax was levied against the colonists, and a series of intolerable acts were brought into play. This cultivated outrage and anger throughout the States. While anger is a powerful emotion, psychic anger can be much more potent - this is what spurred the colonists into action.

Frustration and anger are sometimes not enough to promote change. Consider some of the tyrannous regimes and dictatorships operating today. While the people may feel frustrated and outraged, they continue to tolerate the shackles that bind them. A major factor in this phenomenon is that psychic anger has no outlet or focus, and consequently becomes a diffuse and chaotic energy, rather like ‘white noise’.

In the case of the Founding Fathers, people of that time were far more in tune with their spiritual gifts. Spiritual activity was a staple of daily existence, whether it was in the form of the beginnings of various forms of Christianity or other, more nature-oriented beliefs that were part of the society. Rituals were held on a daily basis and communities developed strong spiritual bonds. The anger that was sweeping across the nation created a powerful psychic focus, which the colonists used to force positive change.

A War of Epic Proportions

When the physical form is oppressed, the psychic form suffers – but for different reasons. Negative energies, such as those exerted by the British Government of the time, serve only to create psychic resolve and tenacity within the oppressed. Spiritually, we are all striving to create a piece of the divine on Earth, in whatever small way we can. At the time of Independence, that mission was very real in both the spiritual and physical planes. The Founding Fathers were literally creating a new world, instilling the States with their ideas of material and psychic perfection. The laws and taxes implemented by the British came at a high psychic price.

The British overlooked the spiritual resolve, and strength of character, of the people they were trying to control. These were people who had left their countries of birth with a collective vision in mind - to create their own Garden of Eden. Collective psychic activity is an extremely potent force and all the colonists were linked on a spiritual level through their desire to achieve a common goal. In coming together to create their own society, the Founding Fathers strengthened the collective unconscious and supporting each other spiritually to see their vision become reality. Rather than weakening their developing psychic community, the negative energies from Britain served only to deepen and strengthen its roots.

By comparison, the British psychic collective had become weak. In dominating a vast portion of the world, they had lost their focus. Rather than concentrating on creating a harmonious environment to encourage spiritual development, the government chased money and power. Once a goal loses its spiritual integrity, it becomes an empty shell.

Connecting to our Psychic Legacy

In channeling their energies, the colonists created a psychic support network for themselves. The positive thoughts they sent out into the spiritual plane nourished their communities and strengthened the resolve of the troops who fought long and bloody battles. In addition, these psychic buffers offered great spiritual support to the likes of Thomas Jefferson and the Council of Five, who perceived the country’s psychic outrage on a very real level.

When times are hard, it pays to remember the spiritual and physical struggles of those who helped to shape America into what it is today. Too often we accept situations that cost us on a psychic level. Instead, by linking to our psychic communities, we should honor our forefathers by coming together on the spiritual plane and striving to effect positive change.

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