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House, M.D.
by Kirsten Cross
On the face of it, House appears to be an innovative medical drama. But could the creators be innovating on another level? While the show may appear to be concerned with the tracking down of physical maladies, there seems to be another message at its core - one concerned with psychic maladies and spiritual dis-ease. While the experiences encountered by Dr. House are certainly unique, could it be that on a psychic level, House conveys a message that is common to all of us?

House was created to be unlike any other hospital drama. Rather than seeing endless white coats, the creators wanted to give the public a medical ‘whodunit’. However, rather than searching for a murderer or a thief, the show’s central character is trying to track down an illness or disease. To give the show a further unique quality, it was decided that the lead character, Dr. House, had to be as unconventional as any hard-bitten cop.

On the face of it this might appear to be a simple yet ingenious premise with no real relevance to anyone’s life. However, the aspect that means so much to the public is bound up with the relationship between Dr. House and his patient. In addition the relationship that speaks to us the most is the one Dr. House has with himself.

Many of us know people who are extremely intuitive. They seem to be able to ‘read’ us with little effort and to be able to tell if something is wrong. This intuition is more than just a coincidental occurrence. Intuition is strong in people who are psychically comfortable with themselves. In order to be able to discern whether someone is feeling negative or positive without being told involves a connection that transcends words. We are all born with intuition, yet only some of us seem to be able to use it. How is it that some people are able to intuit very strongly where others can’t? Perhaps House holds the answers.

In order to intuit how another person is feeling you have to have a good sense of your own spiritual well being. Many with psychic abilities meditate frequently to hone their intuitive abilities. Meditation of this sort allows you to come into alignment with all aspects of our psyche, both good and bad. Once you are aware of yourself as a whole you will find it easier to understand and empathize with others, which gives rise to intuition. To know something is to understand it and understand it fully allows you to recognize it on a deeper, more spiritual level.

However, it would be hard to visualize Dr. House meditating. On the face of it, he is a brash, abrasive character who does not suffer fools gladly. His methods are unconventional yet his diagnoses are startlingly accurate.

The person on whom Dr. House is toughest is Dr. House. He typically criticizes himself before anyone else can and constantly repeats the mantra “everybody lies”. On further examination it can be seen that Dr. House uses aspects of his own character as reference points for diagnoses. In coming to know his patients, on a psychic level he is on the lookout for negative aspects of their character such as fear or mistrust. On one level, Dr. House is so attuned to the negative aspects of his own psyche that he is quickly able to recognize them in others. Once he has identified a particular aspect, he is able to track its origin. This origin often leads him to gain greater insight into his patients’ ailments than more traditional methods. While some may find his methods harsh, there is no denying they bring results.

For Dr. House, however, there is a psychic cost to be paid. Hospitals and illness generate fear and negativity and it is these feelings that Dr. House is constantly exposed to. His addiction to Vicodin may on one level be due to the pain in his arm. But on another it may be to dull the psychic pain that he has to endure as part of his professional existence. Dr. House makes an interesting statement when he says of the pills that they “let me do my job and they take away my pain.” Is it just the physical pain he is talking about or is he somehow acknowledging the psychic price he has to pay with each diagnosis?

For us as viewers, the message is clear. Know yourself better and you will come to know others better. While we may not be able to diagnose rare diseases on a daily basis, sharpening our psychic intuition will certainly give us a better viewpoint from which to take care of those we care about. Only through examining ourselves on a psychic level do we stand any chance of being able to intuit what is going on in those around is. However, the show also contains a warning against spiritual isolation. The coin has two sides. To give help, you must also be prepared to receive help.

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