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The Real Russell Crowe
by Kirsten Cross
New Zealand-born Russell Crowe has a formidable reputation, both on and off the screen. Professionally, he is known for his commitment to his work, although this is often overshadowed by his reputation as being brash and abrasive. His personal life has been dominated by a series of altercations – predominately with the Press – that have left no one in any doubt that he is a force not to be trifled with. However, Russell’s star sign in the Eastern and Western zodiacs suggest that there is a lot more to this actor’s personality than the bear-like one he projects.

Russell Crowe was born on the 7th April 1964, making him an Aries born in the Chinese Year of the Dragon. This is a particularly interesting combination, one of startling contradictions, which may uncover a side of Russell’s personality that he does not allow the public to see. The Dragon is an imperious creature. Born leaders, they are perfectionists and prone to fits of fiery rage when things don’t meet their expectations. This would certainly fit in with Russell’s professional persona. They are also aggressive and single-minded in their pursuits.

Russell has been incredibly tenacious in choosing work that shows his skills in their best light, whether it is the brutality of the world of Gladiator or the cerebral journey of A Beautiful Mind. However, Dragons are also notoriously inflexible in their belief that they are superior and it is this aspect of his character that may have given rise to his aggressive reputation.

This side of his character is also employed in some of his off-screen work. Russell, like his Dragon sign, is fearless and not afraid of resorting to violence, as he has proved in his many tussles with reporters and photographers and anyone else who has failed to meet his exacting standards. In 2005, he was arrested for throwing a telephone at a hotel concierge who refused to help him make a phone call when the system in his room did not work.

However, it is behind closed doors that Russell may attune to his Western star sign. The Ram is most famous for butting its way through anything that stands in its path and being single-minded. This aspect may also have something to do with Russell’s determination to succeed. Despite this dominant quality, there is a lot more to the Ram than meets the eye.

Like the Dragon, Rams are born leaders who respond badly to criticism and failure. However, beneath this gruff exterior, Rams yearn to find long-term love and forge deep and meaningful relationships. These signs fear the onset of age and have a dread of loneliness. While this may be at odds with the way he is perceived by the public, Russell will be very careful and sensitive where his personal relationships are concerned. While it may be hard to get to know a Ram, once you have got past their horns and they allow you into their world, they are intensely loyal and thoughtful creatures. Although they are not outwardly demonstrative, Rams like to provide for those around them. It may be that Russell is generous to his friends, but passes it off as though it was nothing, rather than basking in glory. Because he is afraid of being alone, Russell will do all in his power to ensure that his close circle of friends feel valued and trusted. He will also be sure to master his temper in their company. Russell’s desire for company, combined with a growing sense of his own mortality will have encouraged his Ram to seek spiritual solace. In 2007, Russell stated his desire to be baptised, saying “There is something much bigger that drives us all. I’m willing to take that leap of faith.” After all, leaping is what Rams do best.

With Russell being such a definite set of contradictions, you may ask yourself who could endure such inconsistency in a partner. In 2003, Russell married Danielle Spencer, an Australian TV presenter. Danielle is a Taurus, born in the year if the Rooster. Both these signs act to provide balance to Russell’s. The Bull is ruled by Venus, a quality that has massive attraction for a Ram. In addition, the Bull is a slow-moving creature which will give the Ram time to settle and, over time, adopt a similar rhythm when life becomes too hectic. The Rooster, too, offers a perfect foil for Russell’s Dragon, being able to detect the warning signs of a flare-up in advance and guide the Dragon to a more peaceful understanding of a situation, using charm and intuition.

As Russell approaches a new chapter of maturity, it will be interesting to see the effect that age has on him. If he is truly able to master his dragon and only unleash it at will, he can look forward to a happy and peaceful life.

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