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The Art of Receiving
by Jules Wyman
Have you ever given a balloon to someone only to be given one straight back?

Or been on the receiving side and not fully taken it, just returned it immediately? Strange idea, handing something back when it has just been given - yet this is what many of us do with compliments.

I believe that compliments are just like balloons. Someone has taken the time to choose your favorite color, put the energy into blowing it up, and painstakingly tied the knot. They walk over to gift you the balloon - how do you respond?

When we are given balloons (i.e. compliments), we tend to respond in one of three ways.

Dismiss the compliment
"Your hair looks great!"
"No, it`s a mess today"

The balloon bursts or floats away as the compliment is rejected.

Hand it back
"Your hair looks great!
"Oh, but your hair always looks lovely."

This can go on for quite sometime, and after awhile no-one knows who the balloon belonged to in the first place. The compliment gets lost.

Accept with gratitude
"Your hair looks great."
"Thank you!"

The balloon is gathered. That`s all it takes, those two simple and effective words: thank you. The compliment is received, the giver is happy, and so are you. Happy gathering!

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