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Harrison Ford
by Kirsten Cross
With his rugged good looks, considerable wealth and artistic nature, it`s surprising that it took him over 40 years to find his soul mate. Could it be that the signs that his astrological signature is such a potent combination that it takes a particular type of woman to fully embrace them?

Harrison was born on the 13th July 1942. In the Western zodiac he is a Cancer, while the Eastern zodiac attributes him with the qualities of the Horse. This is a combination that makes Harrison a very difficult person to know. He is notorious as one of the most private actors in the business, guarding his personal life with a ferocious determination.

As a Cancer, Harrison is possessed of an extraordinary sensitivity. To protect themselves, Cancerians develop a tough carapace to protect them from the emotional tides that they inhabit. A partner has to be prepared to be enveloped by that shell, as the Crab strives to protect what is dear to them. For some this can be too claustrophobic, but for others it is an environment in which to flourish. The Crab is also blessed or cursed with claws depending on which way you look at it. Cancerians use these claws to cling onto elements of the past, often to their detriment. They cling onto these elements to remind themselves of past mistakes, but they can be guilty of hanging on to them for too long and losing themselves in the past.

Harrison`s equine sign is perfectly aligned to his Crab sign. The Horse is a flighty creature with its eye constantly on the horizon. This is reflected in Harrison`s choice of film roles. He has moved between the roles of action hero and intellectual actor with apparent ease. However, the Horse is often preoccupied with his own problems, being convinced that they are far greater than anyone else`s. Horse people have huge egos and, by turns, are riddled with insecurity, especially where their perceived intelligence is concerned. The protective shell offered by the Crab will allow Harrison to indulge his more melancholy side without fear of being seen. The combination of the Horse and Cancer make Harrison an apparent mass of contradiction. On one level he will appear confident and easy going, on another he is reclusive, insecure and fiercely private.

Calista Flockheart is a Scorpio born in the Chinese year of the Dragon. She has faced her own problems in the public eye, most notably an alleged battle with an eating disorder. Her relationship with Harrison has been a lengthy one; it has taken seven years for them to finally exchange vows.

Harrison and Calista`s Chinese birth signs do not make them a natural pairing. The Dragon is a natural leader and verging on tyrannical. As a Dragon, Calista will want to have everything done her way. Unfortunately, Harrison`s equine nature will cause him to kick at any boundaries that are set before him a quality that can irritate Dragons to the point of rage. A Dragons rage is fearsome enough, but for a Horse it is simply too much. In relationships, Dragons are very inconsistent, achieving great highs and severe lows in a very short space of time. This quality will only impact negatively on a Horse, who requires a constant where emotion is concerned.

However, the couples Western signs are a perfect match. Although from the outside the Crab may appear to be forging its own path, the truth is that he secretly wants someone to show him the way. The Scorpion has an intense desire to set a direction and the Crab will gladly give up all control in this section of his life. Although Harrison may appear to be a determined and single-minded man, it is Calista who is leading the way. This is often evident in photographs of the couple, where Calista is often standing before him. The Scorpion admires the strength and resilience if the Crab, where the Crab finds a haven in the Scorpions emotional commitment. The provision of this sanctuary allows the Crab to come out from his shell, protected by the Scorpions embrace. In real terms, it may have taken Harrison a long time to learn to trust Calista but, now that he has, he is able to reveal his inner worries to her without feeling vulnerable. Calista will also find that her old captor, jealousy, does not hold her prisoner. Harrison`s devotion to her will allow her Scorpion side to trust him fully and ease her natural tendency towards suspicion.

While Calista and Harrison may have the same difficulties as any other couple, by tuning into their Western star signs they will have found a match to stand the test of time.

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