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Goldie Hawn
by Kirsten Cross
Goldie Hawn is one of the most instantly recognizable women in the world today. She is blessed with stunning good looks that have earned her legions of male fans and an engagingly dizzy screen persona that makes women want to befriend her. However, behind the Bambi eyes and the hypnotic smile, Goldie is a deeply spiritual person with a keen intellect. She became interested in Eastern philosophy in the early 70s and is trying to bring some of its benefits to 21st Century education. As someone with an awareness of the forces that influence our lives, how will the Eastern and Western zodiacs affect the choices Goldie has to make at this stage of her life?

Goldie was born on the 21st November 1945. By the age of three, she had already taken tentative steps into the world of show business, learning tap and ballet. By the age of 16 she had turned her love of dance into a lucrative business, running and teaching in a ballet school. After dropping out of university she earned money as a ‘go-go’ girl, dancing in New York nightspots. This led her to audition for a new comedy programme that was to make her an icon of the 60s.

On ‘Rowan and Martin’s Laugh-In’, Goldie appeared as a regular, often appearing in sketches or simply telling jokes. Her endearing personality and ‘kooky’ quality made her an instant hit with the American public. Her image at the time was often of a bikini-clad girl festooned from head to toe in painted flowers. This image has made Goldie synonymous with the up-and-coming fashion and culture movement of the time.

The ‘Laugh-In’ raised her profile considerably and Goldie found herself playing small but memorable roles in feature films. However, after winning an Academy Award for her portrayal of Jack Matthau’s suicidal fiance in Cactus Flower, she went on to take major parts in a series of films including Private Benjamin. Private Benjamin established Goldie as a star. Her success continued into the 1980s and it was during this decade that she met her partner, Kurt Russell, with whom she is still with today. Since the 80s, Goldie has cast her net further and found success as a director and producer. Although the next generation of icons are establishing themselves, Goldie will forever be associated with the more seemingly innocent decades of the 60s and 70s. With all this fame and fortune behind her, in which direction will the zodiacs guide Goldie now?

Goldie is a Scorpio born in the Chinese year of the Rooster. Both these signs have worked hard to ensure her success in show business. The Scorpion’s shell is not necessarily the tough, craggy carapace that most expect. In Goldie’s case, it was a bright, colourful exterior that hid a bright intelligence and deep thoughts. Combined with the Rooster’s natural gift for observation, Goldie’s Scorpion tendencies allow her to perceive what makes other people tick whilst putting them at ease by presenting them with her seemingly carefree side. By doing this, she is able to draw on people’s characteristics and store them away for future reference when creating a film role.

Goldie’s future is more tied up with her Scorpion side than her Rooster. While her Rooster is delighted to be in the spotlight and showing off her plumage, the Scorpion is a sign concerned with transformation. There are three stages to the Scorpion’s spiritual development: the Scorpion itself, the Eagle and the Dove. The Scorpion is the stage in which Goldie will have experimented both emotionally and physically. It is also the stage in which she will have found the power of the Scorpion’s stinging barb, disarming or striking down those who would attack her. The next stage, the Eagle, is where Goldie will have gained some perspective on the highs and lows of her life as her Eagle soared above them. Although serene and distant, the Eagle is always ready to swoop down and get what it wants – which could possibly be the case where Kurt Russell is concerned. It seems that Goldie was very much the driving force behind the two of them getting together.

Our preoccupation is with the Dove, the phase the Goldie is in now. This totem is concerned with transforming everything that the Scorpion has learned into wisdom and love. No longer is the Scorpio’s tail packed with poison. Now it is a healing force to be used on those around Goldie who may not have achieved her state of serenity. This is already evident in her desire to introduce the Buddhist discipline of Mindfulness into schools.

Goldie has had her wild times and both her Rooster and her Scorpion have embraced these Eastern teachings as a means to self-fulfilment. It will be Goldie’s Scorpion that is negotiating to establish Buddhist schools in the UK, but it will be her Rooster’s tenacity that makes her determined to continue even in the face of ardent opposition.

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