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Simple Feng Shui
by Pavilou Landraagon
It might be a study in which we can`t concentrate, or living room that is always empty and cold but we don`t know why. This is where Feng Shui comes in. Using its techniques, one can see whether the energy is flowing freely and correctly, and whether the rooms are energetically matched to the purpose we gave them. We often have an intuitive feel with a building or room, but without the right Feng Shui tools or methods, we don`t understand how to change it.

My first real experience of Feng Shui was in China: the subtle energy in some of the buildings and gardens was tangible and incredible. Whilst Feng Shui is not a miracle worker, it can allow blocks and negativity in our life to be shifted via our living and working space.

Feng Shui primer

Different schools of Feng Shui arose from different parts of China, from a variety of lifestyles and climates. The Form School is one of the earliest, started in the North where the climate and natural terrain are harsher than other parts of the country. People needed protection from extreme elements; they faced their houses to catch the warmth of the South. The Form School was concerned with the form of the land, the four directions, the four cardinal points, and power animals: North was the energy of the Black Tortoise, East was the Green Dragon, South was the Red Phoenix and West was the White Tiger. These directions and their corresponding animals are still in use. For example, in planning an office space, the desk is placed in a powerful position in order to be guarded and energised by these auspicious creatures.

As the terrain and weather changed and the population increased, Feng Shui evolved. The Compass School method uses the compass to harmonise the environment according to the 8 compass directions. The directions are related to the Pa kua or Bagua - this is an octagonal pattern in which symbols from the I Ching (ancient book of wisdom) are situated. Another, more recent school is the Black Sect School, a spiritualistic method with ties to the ancient Bon religion of Tibet. The Flying Star school uses the astrological birth chart of the building itself - when it was built - to determine how its surroundings can be used to benefit the inhabitants and their future. Practitioners of Intuitive Feng Shui rely on their feelings and instincts alone to follow a flow of energy.

A few easy techniques

If you want a relationship but don`t have one, consider whether your living space is too sparse, with lonely or bleak images on the walls - or no images at all. Your outer surroundings are a reflection of your inner landscape. Place images around your home of happy, colourful, inspirational scenes,  and place thing in pairs.

Try walking into your home as though you are coming into it for the first time and register your impressions of each room. Does your space really serve your aspirations in life? Once you answer that question, choose a Feng Shui method that feels right to you, and get to work. An experienced practitioner is an excellent way to get quick results and increase your own understanding of how Feng Shui works, so that you naturally and constantly improve the energy in your home or office.

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