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Neelam - 7743
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Expert in all areas
Psychic Mediumship. Tarot. Lenormand. Oracle cards. Pendulum. Automatic Writing via emails. Lucky Charms. Crystal ball. Bespoke Astrologer and Numerologist.
Psychic, medium
Positive, open and Non judgemental
Neelam is a gifted psychic who uses her mediumship to help you gain clarity and insight, untangling any obstacles or concerns that may be in your life. She is often able to give dates, times and names in all her readings, providing reassuring evidence that her and her Spirit Guides have a strong connection with you.

Just like a secret fairy godmother, Neelam can bring positivity and magic into your life by unlocking your luck and your good fortune. She can help you to attract new love or get a deeper understanding of a current relationship.

Neelam has great empathy and compassion, providing a calm listening ear with insightful solutions that will uplift you. No matter what you discuss, she will always be non - judgemental and remain completely loyal and confidential.

I discovered my psychic gifts whilst raising my children through prayer, yoga and dance. I had a Whoopi Goldberg moment when I realised that I was able to connect with spirit. I do believe that everyone of us is born with amazing unique gifts. When we stray away from our uniqueness, chaos ensues! That`s when spirit come in to help - at our request. My gifts allow this to happen so you can follow your path and be the amazing person you`re meant to be. Recently I found out that being psychic is in my family - our DNA is linked to the North American Indians. I have also discovered that I am telepathic with animals and can predict the weather. This has come as a surprise to me!

What do you most like about giving readings to Clear Psychics clients?

I used to work for CCP when I first started my Psychic work, professionally. I feel like I have come home and landed my dream job. I love what I do; I am passionate to the core about helping others, and sharing with them the magical insights that have been gifted to me. I feel very blessed to be doing this work, and am honoured to be a Crystal Clear Psychic. I promise to carry it out to the very best of my ability and am sincerely thankful to my divine guides for working with me.

How would you say you are typical of your star sign Sagittarius?

Im free spirited and love animals.

What would you say to someone who thinks they may have psychic ability?

I would say awareness is the first step to greater development.
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